Massage Therapist Profiles


Lance Collins

Dip Remedial Massage Therapy, Melbourne College of Professional Therapists
Cert. Relaxation Massage
Cupping two day course

My reason for becoming a therapist was because I was able to free a family member of headaches through massage. It was in my ignorance that I was not aware of the benefits of massage until this event. Since the completion of my course studies and experience in treatment, I've come to be soundly aware that massage treatment is profoundly beneficial to all persons be it mental or physical.
It's both a wonderful and rewarding feeling within to be able to give someone an emotional release as well as a physical uplift.
A smile says a thousand words.


Cecile Lablache (Blind Therapist)

Dip Remedial Massage Therapy, Swinburne University
Cert. Relaxation Massage
Student Services Achievement Award Winner, Swinburne University

I really didn't know what I wanted to do, I'd been to Centrelink and other places to find a dream job.
Where massage was concerned I was always interested in being on the treatment table, not being the therapist.
Then one day an elderly friend of mine visited and requested that I give her a massage, "Just do what you can do, anything will be beneficial" she said. It was then that I realised that I had the ability to relieve someone from their discomfort and I decided to take the course.
I now use the tactile senses which are my way of life, to promote healing, to ease the aches and pains and above all, to participate with and give comfort to the elderly, with a gentle hand massage.
Happiness is both warming and infectious.